Official report of the 2020 edition of the MACIF PARIS ROLLERS MARATHON

Dear friends

After many exchanges with the City of Paris, the French Rollerskating Federation and all the partners of the event, we inform you of the official report of the 2020 edition of the MACIF PARIS ROLLERS MARATHON.

This is probably not a surprise for most of you.

This decision was imposed on us, given the traffic jam of events over the period (Roland Garros and the Tour de France) and the uncertainty that will continue to hang over the coming months.

However, even if this decision is complicated for us, it will undoubtedly allow us to organize the 2021 edition in good conditions.

Obviously, the many people who have already registered will be fully reimbursed.

We would like to thank our major partners, who have committed themselves from now on to support us for the future edition, the Car-Free Day in PARIS in 2021.

Until then, be well. Keep on rollerblading, respecting the physical distance.

RDV in 2021, at the foot of the TOUR EIFFEL for the next Edition of the MACIF PARIS ROLLERS MARATHON.

See you soon

The Organizing Committee

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